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Ball head for the summer, but the embarrassment of a bad human hair weave care, hair disheveled and affects mood and image every day. It wants a simple hairstyle can create intellectual hair, suitable for work but also for trips, the best every day for like, with the mood change, in fact, this is not impossible, resolutely single wave head, Xiao Bian has merit. We were introduced three hairstyles, both walking cute style ball head, there are sweet little curls, more ladies Fan princess hair; and this hair does not take a long time to complete, requires only 5 minutes, can make a neat hair out! cute style ball head will give people a fresh feeling, and that can save just half as long or short bob head, plus a beautiful hair bands, playful pure temperament completely unravel! 1. First take hair bands, like the random zone. 2. Use a hair band to the back of the virgin human hair tied up. 3. The back hair with a hairpin away, ended up balls, random point, you can scatter a little hair, and then fixed with a hairpin. In fact, as long long hair loose over her shoulders casually enough, just stick to the volume of electricity to make a curl of hair, there is a small fresh natural beauty, oh. And spread the hair, I do not feel stiff, add more sweet flavor. 1. electric curling her hair to the inside volume. 2. close to the bangs hair, electric curling around a few more laps. 3. Dial loose hair with your fingers to make a natural effect. This proximity head bob short hair care of the most difficult, to put it down will feel no vitality, in fact, you can try only the upper part of the hair tied up, and then matched with Mimi hairpin, will bring people lady feeling Oh! 1, grabbed the hand portion of the cheap human hair extensions. 2, grabbed the full lace human hair wigs reversed. 3, and then fixed with butterfly hairpin, Mimi's human hair weave completed Source:! Dimension female network.

Morning News reporter Fang Jiawei, vice mayor Liu Jizhen East Wuhe Xiao Hui Fen drink invite a barber shop female boss to sing, after being rejected, his son with a smashed barber shop, then Xiao Hui Fen dismissed. July 25, reporters learned that Xiao Hui Fen son has been Jingfangxingju local. July 17 at noon, Xiao Hui Fen arrived at the county town drunk pedestrian street of gold scissors barber human hair wig prices shop, the shop owner requested Ms. Yin accompanied singing. Ms. Yin to be rejected on the grounds busy business, only to pick up in-store pots pound Xiao Hui Fen Ms. Yin. Then Xiao Hui Fen was his friend and barber shop customers persuaded to go. An hour later, Xiao Hui Fen's son Xiaomou took about twenty community youth to Ms. Yin barber shop smashed, the shop items are subject to different degrees of damage. Later, Wuhe county police involved in the investigation. July 23, Wuhe County Commission for Discipline Inspection deputy mayor of misconduct investigation. Wuhe Commission today decided to Xiao Hui Fen were dismissed, and to carry out warning education in the county leading cadres. Wuhe County Public Security Bureau Chengguan police station responsible person, with some people went to the barber shop smashed Xiaomou have been arrested, on suspicion of trouble in the current formal criminal detention, Xiaomou as minors, play a major role in these cases , through the efforts of other people involved will soon be caught, the case is being further processed. According to Ms. Yin's husband he said, after what happened, Xiao Hui Fen has been home to them an apology. As for his son smashed the damaged property, Xiao Hui Fen has paid more than ten thousand dollars. July 25, the reporter noted, was removed from office after Xiao Hui Fen, Wuhe online government has removed the relevant details about his presentation.

You know for sure blow hair will cause thermal damage, it is best to put some gel and cheap human hair wigs conditioner cream on wet hair to protect hair from hot air damage. But in fact you how to move a hair dryer is also a key issue. Hair How not to hurt the hair? Hairstylist revealed five kinds of Hair tips. Tip 1: the hair partition partition blow the half wig human hair easier to think about is how to barber salon you blow? First upper horse shampoo for humans bundle to the head, the lower hair dryer. Then head wet after payment, the re-turn dry. Own at home when you can do the same, or you will find already very dry hair surface, but inside the hair root is still very wet. Tip 1: the hair partition partition blow the hair easier to think about is how to barber salon you blow? First upper human hair for crochet braids bundle to the head, the lower hair dryer. Then head wet after payment, the re-turn dry. Own at home when you can do the same, or you will find already very dry full lace wigs human hair surface, but inside the hair root is still very wet. Tip 2: Do not be the first blow blow hair root human hair bob wigs, human hair half wigs roots penetrate down to the water let you do useful work. First dry the hair root, and then blowing the hair, or let human hair braids dry naturally, will minimize the harm a full lace human hair wigs dryer. Tip 3: hairdryer constantly move a lot of people often make a mistake, blowing a human hair lace front wig dryer when the area is stationary, so because the heat concentrated in one area can easily lead to hair damage. Therefore, hair dryer began to blow from the head, a hand wigs human hair fiddle open, one hand moving a blonde human hair wigs dryer. Tip 4: Do not pour blowing wet human hair lace front wigs for black women cuticle is open, blown along the direction of human hair wigs with bangs growth will close the fleas in human hair cuticle, cuticle will open if the blow fell, blowing more edgy. Tip 5: keep a distance from the duct and scalp hair dryer about 15cm away from the curly weave human hair, avoid it touch the hair, the milky way human hair too close can cause heat damage.

Oriental women prefer long hair, one historical heritage, two short hair is often regarded as a neutral US endorsement. Various reasons led to many girls did not dare try short ombre human hair extensions. However, in this era of emphasis on personality, you may wish to choose from a short deep wave human hair began to show their own unique side, to believe: short cheap human hair bundles is still beautiful! Figure hair styling: - bangs inclined 45 degrees to take three cheap human hair extensions piece parallel to the compartment 1.5 cm, take on the small triangle big crochet human hair piece, using Wella 55/46, emphasizing a sense of texture bangs; - ear side reference point to the rear of the temple to take part obliquely level two hair piece, 55/46, in order to achieve partial tightening effect; - the rest is all head Wella 77/44 + 110/0 orange-red trim: 01 points over the end zone from the ear the first type to the reference point 02 in the neck area from the temple with the head to the occipital point type 03-point area with the head from the forehead to the golden point type, and the remaining area is a top area of the U-shaped bottom area 90 degrees dip 04, one refers to the removal of level 05 occipital region of 90 degrees, pulling a gold zone refers to the accumulation of water level 06, a level refers to the accumulation of 07 to top area vertical lifting, 90 degree cut to remove the top 08 pulling forward 45 degrees, 90 degrees trim bangs cut perm: - Bottom pulling hair piece 0 degrees, about 45 degrees on the 10th anti-roll bar 1.5 turns - lower zone pulling curly human hair piece 10 degrees, about 45 degrees on the 13th bar snake Aberdeen ring volume 1.5 - District pulling human crochet human hair dread extensions piece 30 degrees, about 45 degrees on the 15th anti-roll bar circle - the area pulling cheap human hair wigs piece 45 degrees, about 18 degrees anti-roll bar 45 lap - top area pulling human hair full lace wigs piece 90 degrees , the 20th volume level bar around to the roots.